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Social Tap - NFC Bundle

Social Tap - NFC Bundle

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Introducing the Social Tap Bundle – a stylish and convenient collection that elevates your social experience. Connect with just a tap via NFC or scan the QR code on the back of the device.

The bundle features three essentials:

1. Social Tap White Card: A sleek and minimalist card crafted from durable materials. Seamlessly connect and share contact information or social media profiles with a simple tap (using NFC technology) or code scan. Ideal for networking events and making effortless connections.

2. Social Tap Key Fob: Elevate your social game with this compact and portable key fob. Attach it to your keys, bag, or belt loop for quick access during any social encounter. Scan the code or tap (using NFC technology) to effortlessly share your social details.

3. Social Tap Sticker: This small adhesive accessory is ideal for building connections. Just stick it on your phone and with a simple tap, you're making connections in a snap.

Why Choose Social Tap Bundle?

  • Has multiple devices foir different uses.
  • Can be shared and gifted 
  • Streamline social interactions with a tap.
  • Stylish and modern design for a lasting impression.
  • Durable materials ensure long-lasting use.

Upgrade your social experience with this Social Tap Bundle – where innovation meets sustainability, and connections are made effortlessly via NFC and QR.

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