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Social Tap - Trustpilot Review Stand

Social Tap - Trustpilot Review Stand

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Introducing the Trustpilot Review Stand - connect with your customers by placing the stand at your storefront, reception area, restaurant or office space.

Simply tap your phone using NFC technology or scan the QR code featured on the stand to access all online reviews. 

Sleek Charm: The Trustpilot Review Stand is designed to be effortlessly stylish. Picture it like a spotlight for your business's credibility – a cool and chic way to showcase your positive reviews. It has a built-in NFC, which allows you to tap a phone to access reviews. 

Center of Attention: Positioned strategically and designed to turn heads, the Trustpilot Review Stand ensures your top reviews steal the spotlight. Top the rankings for your business with the stand. 

Built to Last: The Trustpilot Review Stand is made from tough materials, ensuring it can handle all the attention. It will securely display your reviews for the long run.

Easy Setup: Set up your favorite reviews and let the stand effortlessly transform positive vibes into a marketing sensation!

Leave a lasting impression on your customers and get more reviews with the Trustpilot Review Stand.

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