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Frost Bites - Crunchy Rainbow Bites Freeze Dried Candy

Frost Bites - Crunchy Rainbow Bites Freeze Dried Candy

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Crunchy Freeze Dried Rainbow Bites! Made from the classic sweets, but explosive, crunchy and wayyyyy tastier than the original! AND they're veggie/vegan friendly aswell as being gluten free!

So what is it?  Don't let the name fool you ... Freeze dried candy isn't actually cold! Freeze dried candy is exactly what it sounds like, candy that has been freeze dried! This involves freezing the candy and then removing all of the water and moisture from it, leaving only pure sugar crystals behind!

It has a more intense and sweeter flavour than the sweet in its original state. Once all of the water is removed, the sugar and flavour become highly concentrated, creating a delicious sweet taste explosion! 

Top Tip : Our freeze dried candies are perfect for livening up desserts like ice cream and yoghurt!

No more Chew : Forget about sore jaws, sticky sweets and pulled fillings... That was then! Freeze dried is NOW!

Authentic sweets : We only use 100% authentic sweets to create our Frost Bites! no cheap substitutes around here!

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