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Social Tap - Key FOB

Social Tap - Key FOB

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Connect with just one tap! Share your contact and social media details instantly.

Introducing the Social Tap Key Ring – your new networking superhero! This is no ordinary business card; it's a dynamic key to effortless networking.

Imagine connecting with another person with a mere tap or a swift scan of a code, 

Wave goodbye to the clutter of traditional paper cards and make every introduction unforgettable. The Social Tap Business Key Ring isn't just stylish; it's a smart networking gadget. Whether you're navigating a bustling business conference or enjoying a casual coffee meeting, just whip out your Social Tap card, and watch the networking magic unfold.

Highlights of the Social Tap Business Card:

  • Effortless sharing of social media profiles and contact information with just a Tap or Code Scan.
  • Link an unlimited number of social profiles and contact details.
  • Freedom to update your information anytime.
  • Seamless and magical connectivity.

Step into every meeting with confidence, knowing you have the coolest card in town. The Social Tap Business Card is here to revolutionize the way you connect!

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